Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. I’m the girl behind the camera

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I’m a sun seeker and light chaser who is always in need of another iced coffee. I think Cherry blossoms may just be the most gorgeous sight in the world. Adventure is my core and travel is my heartbeat. I’m part country, part city, and a lot wherever the excitement takes me. I couldn’t think of a better place to call home than the Pacific Northwest. I love my family something fierce and have a special man that makes my world go round. My passport is my most prized possession, it makes me proud of where I have been and who I am. All those stamps and wrinkled pages are what led me to my passion of documenting.

My love of giggles, watching the way the light dances across your cheeks, his hand in yours, all those little fleeting moments are what drive me to create. The details matter, the emotion is what counts. If you want images with all eyes and big smiles staring straight at the camera (I call this the token Christmas card shot)I’m not your girl. If you want images that are perfectly imperfect, full of truth, emotion, and all the silly that falls between, we are probably going to be a match made in heaven! Let’s adventure together and document your unique love.

I would love to hear all about you! What makes you tick?  What special life experience do you want documented? Click here and tell me about yourself!