Snoqualmie Pass Engagment Session

I’m so excited to share this gorgeous Snoqualmie Pass engagement session. I was a bit worried we were pushing it for snow, but now looking back after this never ending winter, and dreary Spring, we had plenty of time! We even scored a really mild Spring day. The sun was shining, the mountains were pretty empty, it was perfect for our session. I don’t think these two stopped giggling during our time together. That’s my favorite, couples who like to have a good time and laugh! These two also get bonus points for their outfits, I was obsessed with everything they wore. I can’t wait to see what MacKenzie’s wedding dress looks like this July! She has some serious style:)


Every session is different and unique, you can never control any situation 100%. I love the unknown. Below is the best sequence of photos, capturing a total stranger being super playful, as M&J laughed uncontrollably. There is something that happens when people see a camera, it’s like walls come down, they want to interact. I get to experience this all of the time. Whether it’s a stranger yelling congratulations, or coming over to say hello and ask what we are doing. Or in this case, a dude that just got done skiing rolling down his window, giving a big holler and thumbs up as he slide his big truck around us. You can’t make this stuff up! Gotta love a Snoqualmie Pass engagement session, you never know who’s gonna photo bomb you!

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