Dumond Family {Duvall Family Photographer}

Have you ever wondered what a family session with me looks like? Well, I have decided to start sharing more family sessions so you can see. I only have one rule at my sessions, that we have fun. As you scroll through this gallery I think the theme of “Fun” is pretty apparent. I never want my family sessions to feel like a chore. My goal is to make your kids forget we are even taking photos. We play, we act silly, we take breaks, and we go with the flow. Isn’t that the point of family photos, to come together and show your love for each other. To just be you without the pressure of being perfect in front of the camera? I focus on the little moments, the personality traits that are probably more of a fleeting stage your child is going through. I want to freeze those moments in time so you can remember them forever. Another huge part of my family sessions is what you bring to the table. Its simple, come with an open mind and be ready to play! Don’t worry if your kids get muddy or throw a tantrum. I just LOVE the Dumond’s because they do exactly this. They let their kids be themselves, and trust me things get crazy but those moments make the best photos. Don’t worry if your child acts up, that is totally normal. That’s why my sessions aren’t 15 minutes long, we take our time and have a great time together! Parents often say to me, my kids would never last 45 minutes, an hour are you kidding me? Here’s the thing, they will when it’s fun and not a chore! If your interested in booking a lifestyle family session with me please click here.¬†First, scroll through this adorable family session.

Carnation Family Photographer

Kirkland Family Photographer, Carnation Family Photographer

  1. kelly says:

    This is one of my very favorite families in the whole world! xoxo

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