Melton Family {Bothell family photographer}

As promised another family session! To say I love photographing this bunch is a huge understatement. This was my fourth session with them, growing with a family as a photographer is incredible. I really value the relationship I get to build and the trust that is created, especially between the kids and I. The first time I photographed Dylan, she was so shy and very cautious. I put my work in and gained her trust that session. Now when I see the kids its hugs and a rambunctious time. There may be a surprise at the end of this post if you want to see my first session with this crew:)

As promised my first session ever with The Melton’s. We have all grown, the kids, my work!!! Its both embarrassing to see where I came from with my editing and ability and encouraging that Im always growing. I’m so thankful I have families who trust me and continue to come back. My hope is each session is better than the next! You can view it HERE 🙂 xoxo Cass

Book your lifestyle family session here, I can’t wait to meet you and your gang:)

Bothell Family Photographer

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